Our Setting

Path to dining hall

Path to dining hall

Located on 72 acres in the Sierra foothills of Northern California, the retreat sits on sacred lands, replete with abundant wildlife (deer, coyote, bear and foxes) and myriad varieties of flora, including an ancient, rare manzanita grove.  The lush gardens—displaying a wonderful blending of cultivation and wild, indigenous species—have “wow’ed” the multitudes of visitors that come here.  Little ponds and garden benches invite the visitor to relax, take in the beauty, and enjoy the peaceful, meditative ambiance.

As a guest you may enjoy some of the hiking trails: some originate at the Retreat, while others are an easy drive away, including trails to the beautiful Yuba river. The river is ideal for cooling off in the summer, or for sitting on the banks meditating on the warming sands or rocks.  Maps are available for finding and following the trails.

Our various accommodations are spread out over our site—the farthest cabin is very secluded, located on a “point” with a spectacular view of the distant Sierra mountain peaks and nearby, surrounding pine forests. It is possible to seclude in this cabin and never see another person—only the animals that inhabit the surrounding landscape.

For those wanting to be closer to conveniences, especially those staying in our tent-bungalows, it is only a two minute walk through the garden to reach the main building containing the dining hall, a warm, cozy lounge with a wood stove, wireless internet connections, bathrooms and a computer/phone room. The shower house—containing several bathrooms and showers—is also nearby.

Our grounds also include a beautiful, domed temple, open for all who wish to meditate, practice yoga or musical instruments (except when reserved by groups). There is a regularly scheduled morning meditation there, from 6:30 to 8:00 a.m., Monday through Saturday, open to every Retreat visitor. There are also periodic evening “kirtans” (devotional chants) in the temple, and other scheduled events.


“Silence is the Alter of Spirit”

“The temple of God is within your soul. Enter into this quietness and sit there in meditation with the light of intuition burning on the altar. There is no restlessness, no searching or striving there. Come into the silence of solitude.”

–  Paramhansa Yogananda