Accommodations & Rates

A bungalow in the garden

A bungalow in the garden

Here at the Ananda Meditation Retreat, we seek to make your stay uplifting, deeply quiet and comfortable. All of our cabins and bungalows are uniquely decorated and can fit varying price ranges.  If you book one of our fully equipped Cabins for 7 nights, you will get the 7th one free.

If you are staying in one of our fully equipped cabins you may wish to cook your own meals, please be conscious of the fact that this is a vegetarian facility. Please do not cook meat in the cabins.  If you need to, you may bring packaged meat.

We serve 3 delicious vegetarian meals every day, except Sunday, when we do not serve lunch.  As a general rule we go down to Ananda Village for Sunday Service and have lunch at the Expanding Light.  When you make your reservation, please let us know if you will want meals during your stay.  If you are not sure just let us know upon your arrival. See meal costs

If you are a member of our Sadhaka or Sevaka Order, please call for discounts or indicate in the registration form.

We ask that you please  leave pets at home.

Our facility is also drug and alcohol free.

See a map of our cabins and facilities

Cell phone strength is weak between Nevada City and the Retreat, but we have excellent Verizon and AT&T coverage when you arrive.

Internet is available in the Lounge next to the Dining Hall, but not in any of the accommodations.



Devotion Cabin Exterior
Exterior Image
Devotion Cabin Interior
Interior Image

Rate:   $120 per night; $20 each extra person
Sleeps:   1 Queen, 1 Twin and a loft with a Twin mattress

Devotion is the most remote cabin available which offers all who stay here a serene experience in nature. Being the last cabin on the road, the tall pine trees and bushy Manzanita brush create a nurturing environment, instilling a deep sense of peace and inner stillness. Devotion is quite roomy and has a fully functional kitchen, a bathroom with a tub, and a wonderful deck overlooking beautiful mountain ranges. For the colder, wintery months, this cabin has a wood burning stove and a propane gas heater to make your stay relaxed and comfortable.

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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Exterior
Fresh and inspiring!
Peace of Mind Interior
Sweet and cozy

Rate:   $105 per night; $20 each extra person
Sleeps:   1 Double and Twin bed upstairs

Peace of Mind is a sweet cabin remotely located near Devotion cabin on the eastern side of the property with a remarkable view of mountain landscape. It has been recently remodeled, adding to its quaint charm. Simple, cozy, and secluded; Peace of Mind has a deeply calming influence. This cabin has a fully functioning kitchen and bath. A Propane heater keeps this charming cabin comfortable during winter conditions.

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A peaceful, shady & spacious deck
Generosity Interior
Large, round 'woody' cabin

Rate:   $120 per night; $20 each extra person
Sleeps:   1 Queen, 1 Twin downstairs, and 1 Twin in the loft

Generosity is a uniquely crafted cabin with a high, beamed ceiling with charming woodwork. Nestled more closely to the main gardens, Generosity is a refuge for peace and tranquility. With a large deck overlooking one of the nicest views on the property and plenty of space inside to enjoy a relaxed retreat, this cabin is very expansive. An attractive ‘wood stove’ fueled by propane gas keeps Generosity pleasantly inviting. It’s great for secluding, yet still reasonably close to both temples and other guest facilities.

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Swami's Dome (for Kriyabans only)

Swami's Dome
Exterior Image
Swami's Dome
Quaint, spacious and uplifting

Rate:   $120 per night; $20 each extra person
Sleeps:   1 Twin bed and 1 Queen fold-out futon downstairs and 1 Twin upstairs.

Swami’s Dome was Ananda’s founder, Swami Kriyananda’s residence from 1968 to 1972. It has a full kitchen and bath, upstairs loft with a twin bed, and a twin bed and queen futon in the downstairs room. This cabin has a beautiful view toward the Yuba River valley. Light and sunny, roomy and serenely decorated, your stay in this special cabin will be very memorable. This cabin is for Kriyabans only, please call us first to book your stay in this cabin. Thank you.

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Kindness Exterior
Cute and Bright
Kindness Large Studio
Filled with Light, a high ceiling, and cozy

Rate:   $95 per night; $20 for an extra person
Sleeps:   1 Double bed

Kindness is cute little cabin, offering an attractive haven just outside the healing gardens fence. Its simple layout provides a welcoming opportunity to gain a period of rest and relaxation. Kindness offers the basic amenities with a kitchenette and full size bathroom.

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Krishna Exterior
Exterior Image
Krishna Interior
At the edge of the forest

Rate:   $105; $20 for an extra person
Sleeps:   2 Twin beds

Krishna is a delightfully spacious cabin that is nestled along our property line overlooking a gorgeous oak tree grove. With a deck facing the expansive views and a practical layout indoors, Krishna is wonderfully comfortable. This cabin has a full kitchen and bath, a pleasant living room, and two twin beds in a separate bedroom. A propane heater sufficiently heats Krishna during cooler winter months.

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Renunciation Exterior
Exterior Image
Renunciation Interior
Interior Image

Rate:   $75; $10 for an extra person
Sleeps:   1 Queen bed

Renunciation is a sweetly rustic yurt-style cabin that is one large room with a kitchen extension. For anyone interested in having a majestic garden blooming just outside their front doorstep, Renunciation is a perfect option. This cabin is the only one with a kitchen that is within the garden fences! Conveniently nestled between the main guest facilities, temples, and shower house, Renunciation is a great choice for anyone looking for beauty, simplicity, and a deep inner calmness. This cabin has a private outhouse nearby.

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Patience Exterior
Quaint, secluded and rustic
Patience Interior

Rate:   $65 per night; $10 for an extra person
Sleeps:   1 Twin bed

Patience is a simple, one room yurt-style cabin that is remotely located in the campground area of the retreat. Basic and rustic, it offers a great opportunity to tune into the deep calmness and joy of nature. The cabin has a propane hotplate, sink, and a lovely living space. Private outhouse facilities are nearby, and the shower house is a brief, but pleasant, walk away. Patience is heated with a propane wall heater.

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Wisdom Exterior
Simple and Sweet
Wisdom Interior
Secluded and Quiet

Rate:   $55 per night
Sleeps:   1 Twin bed

Wisdom is a charming little cabin down the hill from the main dining room and kitchen. This cabin is quaintly decorated, and its rustic simplicity offers a wonderfully peaceful escape into nature’s stillness. Wisdom is a small, single room with a twin size bed, a desk, and reading chair. A propane heater keeps this cabin snug while the nearby outhouse offers the most basic amenities. All who stay in Wisdom gather for meals in the main dining room since cooking isn’t available.

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Bungalow Tent Cabin
Comfortable and spacious
Tent Bungalows Interior
Quaint, canvas-sided cabins

Rate:   $55 per night; $10 for an extra person
Sleeps:   1 to 2 Twin Beds (depending on reservation)

These Tent Bungalows are a fantastic solution for those wanting a retreat on a budget. Their rigid construction offers a sturdy and enjoyable dwelling. All bungalows have a deck to take in views of the gardens and surrounding forest. These bungalows all have been decorated uniquely, all of which are charming and very inviting. The bungalows are for those intending to join group meals in the main dining room since food and cooking aren’t allowed. All bungalows are equipped with a propane heater.

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Happiness Lodge- for women

Happiness Women's Lodge
Near the organic garden & chickens
Happiness Common Room
Simply furnished common room with kitchenette and refrigerator

Rate:   $50 per person, per room
Sleeps:   4 separate rooms each with a Twin bed

Happiness lodge is a delightful group house, offering a simple and comfortable chance to enjoy the peace of the retreat without having many ‘extras.’ The surrounding landscape offers so much beauty; it’s easy to feel a deep serenity while staying in Happiness. The rooms are small and all have a twin bed, table, chair, and bedside lamp. The housemates share a communal bathroom. There’s a kitchenette with a propane hotplate, sink, and small refrigerator. Guests of Happiness lodge eat meals in the retreat’s dining area. It’s a great place for a group of up to four women to experience nature’s magic.

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Happiness Room 1

Happiness Room 1
Interior Image

Happiness Room 2

Happiness Room 2
Interior Image

Happiness Room 3

Exterior Image
Interior Image

Happiness Room 4

Happiness 4
Interior Image

Happiness Room 5

Interior Image


Exterior Image
Interior Image

Rate:   $45
Sleeps:   1

Simply furnished, canvas-sided cabins with electricity and propane heat. All have either a double bed or a single. Bathrooms and shower house are a short walk.  Ideal for one male. No food or cooking allowed in these lodgings; guests in monkalows take their meals in the dining hall.

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Fragrant and cool forested camping

Roomy Tent for 2-3 People
Roomy canvas tents you can stand up in, sleeps 2-3

Rate:   $35 per tent (ours) $25 per tent (yours)
Sleeps:   campsite can accommodate several tents, $10 each extra tent

Lovely campground area with lush canopy of pine and cedar. Roomy 2-person tents are available if you don’t have your own. RV’s permitted, but there are no hookups for them. There are two outhouse toilets in the campground area and the shower house and toilets are nearby. The campground is ideal for families, particularly in the summer months.

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