In this intensive workshop, you’ll learn to awaken your highest potential with journaling and meditation.

Whether you’re a new or experienced journaler, this workshop is meant to help you realize abundance in all forms through the application of journaling techniques designed to help you identify your deepest truth, highest ideals and desires, as well as what you’d like to let go of.

Spiritually charged journaling techniques are taught to help you set high-minded intentions
and express your true Self, while meditation techniques allow you to give yourself time, space, and stillness to feel what is most important to you and who you truly are.

Melissa teaching a class at Chapman University.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Profound journaling tips and techniques
  • Where and how to start writing
  • How to develop a regular journaling and meditation routine
  • The science behind journaling, meditation and the brain
  • How to release trauma through writing
  • The relationship between writing and consciousness
  • How to uplift your consciousness through journaling
  • How to communicate with your highest Self
  • How to realize your highest potential, manifesting success, happiness and love
  • Discover new things about yourself
  • All questions you have about journaling will be answered

Sample Schedule for JANUARY 27th

The actual workshop is on January 27th only. If you would like to stay overnight at the Meditation Retreat, please additionally book a personal retreat or contact the Meditation Retreat Office and they will for you.

Most class modules include journaling exercises; please bring a pen and journal, or laptop if you prefer (for Word/Notes document; no Wifi).

8 a.m.: Breakfast (optional, $10)
9 a.m.: Intro to Journaling/Journaling and Awareness
10:20 a.m.: Break
10:40 a.m.: Journaling and the Brain/Journaling Best Practices
12 p.m.: Meditation (optional)
12:30 p.m.: Lunch
1:30 p.m.: Self-Compassion and Journaling/Meditation and Journaling
3 p.m.: Break
3:15 p.m.: Energy Journaling/Intention Journaling and Action Plan
5-5:30 p.m.: Closing/Good-byes
6:30 p.m.: Dinner (optional, $10)

Melissa Hoon, M.A., RYT 200, is the founder of Inner Awakening Writing, a journaling and meditation program based in Southern California. She is a journalist, former sexual assault counselor, and longtime meditator and yogi, who is passionate about helping others empower themselves through Self-discovery. She teaches her program nationally at retreat centers, yoga studios, universities, high schools, a home for pregnant women and mothers, a home for developmentally disabled adults, among many other places.

Melissa has undergraduate degrees in journalism and American studies, a master’s degree in American studies, and also attended graduate school for documentary filmmaking. Melissa’s work is featured in the Orange County Register, LA YOGA Magazine, Asana Journal and New Connexion: The Journal for Conscious Living, among others. She has been profiled in LA YOGA Magazine, OC Weekly and Chapman Magazine, and more. She lives in Encinitas and works at Chapman University. More information: