Can deep fulfillment, inner peace, happiness, and enlightenment be achieved through the teachings of yoga?

The answer is “YES!!!”

Many centuries ago, the great rishis of Ancient India devised a system of living that would help people manifest an ideal life. There are, they said, four stages of life one should pass through to know true fulfillment in the deepest sense. Discover the secrets of The Four Stages of Yoga and put them to practice in your own life. Ideal for all age groups, this retreat is taught by teacher Nischala Cryer and inspired around her newly-released book “The Four Stages of Yoga”.

During this retreat you will learn:

  • How The Four Stages of Yoga can improve your life journey
  • What’s Next? Discovering Your Life’s Dharma
  • Creative activities to help prioritize and magnetize your goals
  • Retreat activities for relaxation and inspiration
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals

If you would like a longer stay, there’s a place on the registration form to either add extra nights or come early for a personal retreat or seclusion.

Guest Teacher

Nischala Cryer lives with her family at Ananda Meditation Retreat in the Sierra Nevada mountains outside of Nevada City, California. She is co-founder of Ananda University, a unique school offering “higher education for higher consciousness.” In the mid-eighties she traded corporate life for living in spiritual community. A practitioner of Kriya Yoga for 33 years, she is author of the newly-released “The Four Stages of Yoga,” and “Reflections on Living 30 Years in a Spiritual Community.”

What Others Are Saying

“Understanding the ancient wisdom of Four Stages of Yoga is an essential asset to those treading the path of Yoga. Thank you, Nischala, for your heartfelt clarity, which–when enhanced through stories–encourages us to celebrate each stage. Through the telling we are inspired to adapt the Yogic practices to each stage, embracing spiritual enlightenment.” Nischala Joy Devi, teacher, author, The Healing Path of Yoga, The Secret Power of Yoga
“In the tradition of all great storytellers, Nischala Cryer weaves thought-provoking tales, beautifully illustrating the intricacies, blessings, and challenges experienced in the four stages of life. Deeply inspiring.”

Jamey and Darlene Potter, New Renaissance Bookstore, Portland, Oregon