Retreat Programs

Individual as well as guided, silent seclusion retreats are the main offerings at the Ananda Meditation Retreat. Our various cabins and tent-bungalows suit all budgets and needs for this purpose.   It is possible to be in silence in a self-contained abode: cooking meals, meditating in a comfortable, still atmosphere and creating a personal schedule for deepening one’s spiritual practices. If one is secluding in a tent-bungalow, with no cooking facilities you may obtain three meals a day in our dining hall, partaking of healthy, organic vegetarian meals. Tables are designated for eating in silence, in order to respect those in seclusion and not wishing to interact with others.


One secluder wrote:

The silence at Seclusion Retreat, the sacred energy, the vibrations of love & spiritual attunement, always lead me into deeper meditations, deeper than ever before. Sometimes it’s challenging for me to just sit and listen, but not at Seclusion Retreat. Walks to Bald Mountain to watch the sun rising and setting over the mountain ridges top off this beautiful experience which I so highly recommend.


Another guest who came for a retreat here described:

IMG_4317I lived at the Meditation Retreat twenty years ago and helped build the temple. It was a very sacred  time in my life and I had some amazing meditations there that I will always recall vividly. I recently spent a few days at the retreat and felt like I was going back in time. My meditations in the temple were just as intense as before and vibrations of divine love permeated my entire being. I strongly recommend the Meditation Retreat for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practices.