Calendar of Programs

“When two or more are gathered in My name…”

Charles and Janikidevi copyComing together with other truth seekers can lend power to guide your spiritual awareness and practices more deeply. These guided programs usher you swiftly into the transforming vibrations of peace on this land that has been home to the meditations and devotion of thousands of people over the past 45 years.

Your retreat leaders are long time yogis whose honor it is to serve you and make your stay here fruitful in blessings of inner joy.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.—Helen Keller

If we do not have program that is convenient for you, we are also happy to serve you in creating a personalized silent retreat to suit your needs. Elements to your silent retreat may include:

  • Learning basic meditation techniques
  • Joining in group meditations that help you go deeper
  • Gentle yoga poses that will help relax and release tension
  • Accompany you on silent nature experiences in our lush gardens to help you regain your inner awareness and calm

Learn to Meditate and Go Deeper in Your Practice


October 17- 19

$130 This fee includes program and meals, cabin prices vary. To select your accommodation, click the orange "Book Your Stay" in the upper right on this page

The Ananda Meditation Retreat, a place of deep meditation for the past 45 years, provides a perfect atmosphere for cultivating inner peace and wellness. This weekend will provide you with a simple and profoundly effective meditation technique with time (and lots of quiet) to practice and have your own inner experience of soul awareness.

During this weekend retreat you will have the opportunity to explore:

  • Basic meditation skills
  • Ways to deepen your existing meditation practice
  • The power of affirmation on a guided, silent nature walk
  • Time alone to relax
  • Healthy meals and gentle yoga

This retreat will be led by Nayaswami Jyoti, a longtime devotee and teacher of the path of yoga. A perfect weekend if you are new to personal retreat or wish to have just enough structured time and activity to allow you to relax in yourself and find renewed inspiration.

Silence is the Altar— of Spirit 3 day Guided Silent Seclusion Retreat


October 24– 27

$150 This fee includes program and meals, cabin prices vary. To select your accommodation, click the orange "Book Your Stay" in the upper right on this page

During this retreat, led by Nayaswami Mukti, you will learn to still your mind and open your heart to the whispers of guidance that are freely available to you. Learn specific, proven techniques for drawing inner guidance, and testing its validity in your life. Discover who you really are, and all you are meant to become.

You will learn these proven skills for achieving inner stillness and expanding your awareness:

  • The art of meditation
  • How to deepen your intuitive guidance
  • Guided walks to tune into into the nature’s wisdom
  • Gentle exercises and yoga postures to release tension and create refreshed energy

Holistic Recovery-Freedom from the Bondage of Self


November 13– 16

$150 This fee includes program and meals, cabin prices vary. To select your accommodation, click the orange "Book Your Stay" in the upper right on this page

Holistic Recovery is for those who have “recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body” and are interested in going deeper in their experience of Life, from the inside-out! Experience the Promises on a deeper level through meditation by learning simple, yet powerful techniques in a rejuvenating garden setting. In nature, the nerves are quieted and healing begins.  This is recovery at its best.

We invite those of you who are serious about improving your conscious contact with God through meditation, to spend this weekend at the Ananda Meditation Retreat. This retreat will be led by experienced practitioners of meditation who are also recovered for many years. They will invite you to share your questions and help you to achieve what they have attained—the simple enjoyment of peace and joy in everyday life.

This weekend you will:

  • Explore the healing silence of meditation and nature
  • Experience the joy of surrender in active calmness
  • Awaken the inner peace within you—it’s an inside job.
  • Discover that the Higher Power is a Conscious Presence within you.

Led by Nayaswamis Brindey and Sahaja

All Day Christmas Meditation at the Meditation Retreat

Danas Christ

December 13, 7 am – 4 pm (yoga postures 7- 8 am, meditation begins at 8 am)


Even beginners, in the inspired atmosphere of this meditation, will find it surprisingly easy to sit far longer and more calmly than ever before. Come for all or any part. Periods of silence alternate with music, chanting, and inspirational words. Chairs provided or bring what you need to sit comfortably on the floor, including a shawl or sweater.

Schedule for the Day

7 – 7:45 am – Energization Exercises & Hatha Yoga

8 am - Opening prayer, chanting & recordings

8:30 am Meditation  (60 minutes)

9:30 am – Chanting break – enter /exit
10 am Meditation  (90 minutes)

11:30 am – Chanting break – enter/exit

12 pm Meditation   (30 minutes)

12:40 pm - Chant

Break for 20 minutes

1:00 pm – Chanting & recordings – enter/exit

1:20 pm   Meditation   (40 minutes)

2:00 pm – Chanting break – enter/exit

2:20 pm    Meditation   (40 minutes)

3:00 pm – Chanting

3:15 pm Meditation  (30 minutes)

3:45 – 4:00 pm Closing

Peace for Warriors—Spirituality and Martial Arts


January 16- 17

$130 This fee includes program and meals, cabin prices vary. To select your accommodation, click the orange "Book Your Stay" in the upper right on this page

Learn techniques to open to the flow of the higher energy and power within you. Yogananda’s words, principles, and guidance have great power. Practice his simple suggestions, and you will feel a new energy filling you, giving you the power to meet every challenge with joyful confidence, calmness, and courage.

Yoga and martial arts, when practiced rightly, share a great common ground, which you will experience this weekend.

Your weekend will include:

•Yogananda’s spiritual teachings,

•Ananda yoga postures

•Non-violent martial arts techniques, combined with meditation, and deep relaxation,

•Light Tai Chi.

You will leave this weekend feeling calm, uplifted, centered, and strong.

This weekend is led by Nayaswami Gopal.