Meditation Retreat Program Calendar

The upcoming months are some of the richest in Spiritual Power that you will ever have the opportunity to experience. Yoga teachers can earn Continuing Education credit for Yoga Alliance while attending a weekend program. Email us at for more information. Be sure to contact our office for a personal seclusion during this time as well!

Weekend retreat sample schedule

See a simple week-by-week listing of programs.

The entire Meditation Retreat staff sends you blessings today and always!

Yoga & Meditation for Daily Life

September 16-18; October 7-9; November 11-13; December 9-11

$130 - Includes program and all your meals. Lodging varies according to the cabin you choose.

Guided silent retreat at the Ananda Meditation RetreatHere in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, you will find the perfect environment to learn how to meditate or to refresh your practice if it’s become stagnant. This weekend program offers ancient techniques of meditation, and a deep opportunity to explore the science of Raja Yoga. Come and create an inner environment of peace that you can carry wherever you go.

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Women's Retreat

November 4-6

$130 - Includes program and all your meals. Lodging varies according to the cabin you choose.

Rejuvenation Program for Cancer PatientsReconnect with yourself, God, and nature. A spiritual retreat that is refreshing beyond all other breaks—a revitalizing feast of Divine Mother energy. This marvelous weekend will focus on subjects that are unique to women.

Spend the afternoon renewing body, mind, and soul in our gardens. Browse amongst the flowers and plants, enjoy tea and fruit, and chat with newfound friends, or quietly enjoy the spectacular views. Also, an evening of creative exploration through various art forms will provide a wonderful platform for self-discover and expression.

This is an ideal weekend to share with a friend, a mother, or daughter and also to enjoy meeting newfound women friends. Yoga postures, meditation, and wonderful vegetarian food are staples of the Meditation Retreat visit.

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Guided Silent Retreat

September 22-25; November 17-20; December 15-18*

$150 - Includes program and all your meals. Lodging varies according to the cabin you choose.

Learn to meditate at the Ananda Meditation RetreatStill your mind and rejuvenate your spirit in this guided silent retreat. Our meditation gardens and wild forest setting provide the perfect backdrop for you to go deep into silence and re-connect with your true reality…..the soul’s ever-existing Peace.

*Those who can only get away for the weekend are welcome to join us on Friday evenings.

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