Calendar of Programs

“When two or more are gathered in My name…”

Coming together with other truth seekers can lend power to guide your spiritual awareness and practices more deeply. These guided programs usher you swiftly into the transforming vibrations of peace on this land that has been home to the meditations and devotion of thousands of people over the past 45 years.

Your retreat leaders are long time yogis whose honor it is to serve you and make your stay here fruitful in blessings of inner joy.

Mystical Easter Meditation

Danas Christ

Saturday, April 19, 8 am– 2 pm, (6:45– 7:45 am energization and yoga postures)

In the stillness of the Retreat, dive deep into the meaning of Christ’s life. Music from Kriyananda’s Oratorio Christ Lives and chanting will be interspersed through the day. Feel free to stay as long as desired for any portion of the day.

6:45 – 7:45 am –  Energization and Gentle Yoga
8 am - Opening prayer, chanting & recording
8:30 am Meditation  (60 minutes)
9:30 am - Chanting break – enter /exit
10 am Meditation  (90 minutes)
11:30 am – Chanting break – enter/exit
12 pm Meditation   (30 minutes)
12:40 pm - Chant
1:00 pm – Chanting & recordings – enter/exit
1:20 pm   Meditation   (40 minutes)
2:00 pm – Closing Prayer

Seeing God in the World Around Us —A weekend at Ananda Village hosted by Nayaswamis Dharmadas and Nirmala

Temple in the Springtime

April 25-27

$115 program fee, includes program, all meals, and a Hermitage Garden tour

Come and enjoy the peace and beauty of Ananda's Seclusion Retreat ~ Join your gurubhais in welcoming spring, and dive deep in meditation and kirtan to renew and refresh your spirit.

April is a special month at the Crystal Hermitage gardens when the tulips are in full bloom. As a special treat, we have arranged to visit the Hermitage to meditate in Swami’s personal apartment, and to enjoy the gardens in the morning tranquility.

This will be a perfect opportunity to  commune with Divine Mother in all Her splendor!”

Women’s Retreat- From Joy I Came!

Two women walking

May 9- 12 (Please note date change)

$115 (program fee and meals, does not include accommodations)

The atmosphere of this weekend—relaxed, intimate, and spiritually supportive, is an opportunity to harmonize energy on all levels of being. This retreat is led by the Meditation Retreat staff, Nayaswamis Durga and Sabari, Brahmacharini Brindey and Shanta Franklin. During this special weekend we will enjoy:

  • Living more fully in the moment, through yoga, meditation and nature activities
  • Creating a vision art drawing to discover inner goals and inspiration perhaps yet untapped, unexplored.
  • Share in the preparation of food in our large retreat kitchen
  • Explore living in heart center naturally

You will leave feeling uplifted, restored, and fueled with the inner resource of deep fulfillment.

Limited to 25 so please sign up early!

Guided Men's Retreat

Babaji among the flowers

June 6-8

$115 (program fee and meals, does not include accommodations)

Join Nayaswamis Vidura and Gopal and Brahmachari Arjuna for a soul expanding weekend.

You will enjoy:

  • longer meditations and chanting
  • spiritual discussions
  • peaceful surroundings
  • uplifting nature activities
  • delicious vegetarian food


The Healing Power of Silence- A Silent Retreat with Tyagis Ric and Narani Morehouse

woman on bench

July 11- 13

$115 (program fee and meals, does not include accommodations)

This is a perfect program if you are new to silent retreats.

Discovering your innate ability to make God contact in your heart can be an everyday art, your way out of restlessness and uncertainty into peace and wellness. This retreat is for those who are seeking to discover the powerful healing benefits of meditation and inner stillness. Using Yogananda’s and Swami Kriyananda’s writings and techniques, you will find that a deeper place of calmness in your heart is revealed.

During this weekend, you will

  • Learn to meditate
  • Discuss the ancient yogic art of inner communion and introspection
  • Enjoy a guided nature activity to enhance your awareness
  • Relax and enjoy personal time in the quiet gardens of the Retreat

How to Be Truly Well- a Guided Retreat with Tyagi Shanti and Nayaswami Vidura

white flower

July 25- 27

$120 (program fee and meals, does not include accommodations)

Wellness is a state of being that transcends the ups and downs of life, a place of harmonizing with your true nature, a deliberately cultivated state of mind. In essence, it is the practice of living consciously.

Join Dr. Shanti Rubenstone & Nayaswami Vidura for this unique coming together of talks, movement, and experiences in nature to understand the meaning of wellness and how to be truly well … spirit and nature dancing together.

Over these three days we will explore these topics both in the classroom and out in nature.

  • We ARE Energy!
  • Transformation and healing; turning illness and major life from stumbling blocks to stepping stones
  • The chakras and the role they play
  • Using affirmations to expand your consciousness and heal

Dr. Shanti Rubenstone, MD, a graduate of the Stanford Medical School, has been practicing internal medicine and leading workshops in wellness and transformational medicine for over 30 years. She is minister/lightbearer and teacher at the Ananda Church of Self Realization in Palo Alto, CA.

Nayaswami Vidura is one of the founding members of the Ananda worldwide communities. Over the past 40 years he has served as minister, lightbearer, planner, teacher, builder, administrator, quintessential organizer, and sharing nature enthusiast. He is bright, compassionate, and great fun.