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 Saints and Sages

The upcoming months between November and March are some of the richest in Spiritual Power that you will ever have the opportunity to experience.

For all of us will be celebrating the Gratitude of Thanksgiving, the Birth of Christ, the New Year, the Birthday of Paramhansa Yogananda and his Mahasamadhi as well as his Guru Sri Yukteshwarjis Mahasamadhi.

Because of these opportunities there may be less scheduled “Programs” in place, but there promises to be the greatest fulfillment in Celebrating these Spiritual Days and weeks ahead!

Be sure to contact our office for a personal seclusion during this time as well!

There is a misnomer that Saints and sages lived a long, very long time ago and that they do not or could not exist in this day and age.  The picture to the right was taken in 1936, not so long ago11083794_10152862798299503_537704244835265042_o. Sri Yukteswarji, Yoganandas Guru and Paramhansa Yoganandaji.St Therese Neumann

This picture of Swami Kriyananda taken about 2012 about a year before he left the body.

Saint Therese Neumann the Stigmatist born in 1898 and died in 1962.


“A Saint is a sinner who never gave up” Yogananda was found to say often.  Saints and sages are made of the same countenance that you and I are.  The only difference is that their full attention and interest was and is in God and “God Alone!”

There are saints among us, even if they don’t recognize themselves to be so.  We ourselves do not usually recognize the divine grace that flows through us to help others.  It helps us immensely to be around those souls that have been living the Spiritual life for many years.  They can and do uplift us and inspire us to know that we too can and should aspire to these heights  These Saints do not come to show us how great they are, they come to show us how great we are potentially.  That is to say God is in every single one of us and we simply need to allow Him/Her to express through these forms!

Blessings to you all!

We do hope to see you soon.  Give yourself the opportunity to follow the footsteps of the Saints and Sages.

The entire Meditation Retreat Staff send you blessings today and always!


If there is a program that  you would like to see presented, please let us know about it.  We are happy to serve you in creating a personalized retreat to suit your needs.


Silent Guided Retreat - Finding the Joy within you

Nov. 20-22 and Jan. 21 - 24 - The 3 day Retreat is $150.00 which includes Meals

$130 - This fee includes program and all your meals. Lodging varies according to the cabin you choose. To select your accommodation, click the orange "Book Your Stay" in the upper right on this page

Meditating at Lotus LakeNow more than ever is the time to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life and re-enter your true reality………the Souls ever existing Calmness.and Peace. Yoga Meditation is both a science and an art!  Through the scientific techniques of controlling our breath (prana) which is also life force, we begin to experience the effects of Yoga Meditation on the mind.

In this Weekend you will:

  • Be given time to absorb the atmosphere of these healing gardens.
  • Come to know that  you have everything within you that you need to be at Peace.
  • Have the opportunity to go deep into the Silence, so you can become aware of  Gods Grace that is ever at hand.

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This Schedule is similar to what you will find while you are here


NOV. 26, 2015



NOV. 26, 2015

To be surrounded by Spiritual Family and Friends is one of the most memorable times of the Year.  Here at the Meditation Retreat we have a wonderful Tradition of Family Pot Luck!  Everyone who comes has the joy of bringing their favorite dish.  And if that isn’t your cup of tea, then bringing your favorite Thanksgiving story of blessing and a donation is always acceptable.

Also we want to let all our friends and family know that Thanksgiving at the Meditation Retreat is  for you!  We want you to know that if you feel that you have no where to go, or just feel lonely and want to be around warm and loving souls…………..this is one of the best places to be………..and all you bring is yourself !
Please call the Ananda Meditation Retreat to let us know you will be coming and if you are coming to celebrate the day by bring (yourself and or a dish or story)

Meditation for Starters - Introduction to meditation

Dec. 4 - 6 and Jan 8 - 10

$130 - This fee includes program and all your meals. Lodging varies according to the cabin you choose. To select your accommodation, click the orange "Book Your Stay" in the upper right on this page

Here in the beautiful foot hills of Nevada City Ca., where the tall Pine and Manzanita grow you will find the perfect environment to learn how to meditate or to refresh your practice if it’s become a bit stagnant!  “Environment is stronger than will power” Paramhansa Yogananda often repeated this to his disciples. From here you will be able to take it home and create an inner and an outer environment that you can always retreat to! “Everything else can wait but your search for Truth cannot wait!” Paramhansa Yogananda

During this Retreat you will:


  • Be given an ancient technique for deep concentration
  • Learn the principals of Raja Yoga
  • Be able to practice Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga (Devotion)
  • Enjoy wonderful healthy and satisfying Vegetarian Meals


Learn to Meditate Schedule

This is just an example of the times for Meals and Classes

Ananda Meditation Retreat 8 Hour Meditation

Dec. 12, 2015 7:00am - 3:00pm


This 8 hour meditation will be held in the Temple of Silence that has been dedicated to Swami Kriyananda and is an alternative to our Traditional 8 Hour Meditation held at the Expanding Light every year.

We are looking forward to being blessed by your presence this day and in sharing in the deep vibrations of this Temple of Silence and Joy!

Thank you for coming!DSCN8309 Temple of Silence

The entire Ananda Meditation Retreat Staff!

Revelations of Christ

Dec. 18 - 20

$130 - This fee includes program and all your meals. Lodging varies according to the cabin you choose. To select your accommodation, click the orange "Book Your Stay" in the upper right on this page

Danas Christ“How is one to try to understand the life and teachings of the great master, Jesus, whose title “the Christ” means the “anointed of God”?

This is the question posed in the Introduction to the book, Revelations of Christ: Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda and presented by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda.

Other than the “Church” and the Christian scholars, is there any other way we can come to understand these teachings. A way that is more reliable?

Yes!  Swami Kriyananda states that, although less well known, it is more reliable:  It is to live with and study under, saints who have communed directly, in deep states of ecstasy, with Christ and God.”

This is how Yogananda through Swami Kriyananda came to the clarity of understanding, by his own deep experience with Christ.

This wonderful Retreat will be led by Nayaswami Maria who is an experienced meditater and teacher at Ananda for over 40 years.  Her devotion is palpable and her sweet sincerity coupled with the practical knowledge and experience on the Spiritual path will inspire and delight you.

On This Retreat you will:

  • Be given classes in these deep teachings of Christ
  • Experience your own capacity to know Christ
  • Learn techniques to help you experience the Kingdom within

Learn to Meditate Schedule

This is just an example of the times for Meals and Classes



The most successful human being I have ever personally known was Swami Kriyananda!  Because he let nothing stand in the way of Truth and Right Action.  His enthusiasm was as a light that shown before us to guide us in how to be courageous by trusting God and loving people!