Guided Silent Retreats

IMG_4336“Be Still and Know that I am God.” A very simple command, yet challenging to achieve in a busy world.

Overwhelming peace is one of the first sensations to greet you when you arrive at the Meditation Retreat. It is a palpable energy that washes over you, and makes inner quiet, calmness, and healing possible at last.

These retreats are designed to support you in an a profound experience of inner peace. Start with a weekend retreat if silent retreats are new for you. Discover that sharing silence and meditation with others can give you clear understanding of the words, “When two or more are gathered in My name, (in Spirit), there am I.”

If we do not have program that is convenient for you, we are also happy to serve you in creating a personalized silent retreat to suit your needs. Elements to your silent retreat may include:

  • Learning basic meditation techniques
  • Joining in group meditations that help you go deeper
  • Gentle yoga poses that will help relax and release tension
  • Accompany you on silent nature experiences in our lush gardens to help you regain your inner awareness and calm


IMG_4348Finding the Peace of Your Soul —A Guided Silent Retreat

June 25-28 (3 days)
$150 for 3 days, includes program fee and meals, not your accommodation. To select your accommodation, click the orange “Book Your Stay” in the upper right on this page

During this retreat, led by Nayaswami Brindey, you will learn to still your mind and open your heart to the whispers of guidance that are freely available to you. Learn specific, proven techniques for drawing inner guidance, and testing its validity in your life. Discover who you really are, and all you are meant to become.

You will learn these proven skills for achieving inner stillness and expanding your awareness:

  • The art of meditation
  • Guided walks to tune into into the nature’s wisdom
  • Gentle exercises and yoga postures to release tension and create refreshed energy

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