Guided Silent Retreats

Babaji among the flowers

Babaji among the flowers

“Be Still and Know that I am God.” A very simple command, yet challenging to achieve in a busy world.

Overwhelming peace is one of the first sensations to greet you when you arrive at the Meditation Retreat. It is a palpable energy that washes over you, and makes inner quiet, calmness, and healing possible at last.

These retreats are designed to support you in an a profound experience of inner peace. Start with a weekend retreat if silent retreats are new for you. Discover that sharing silence and meditation with others can give you clear understanding of the words, “When two or more are gathered in My name, (in Spirit), there am I.”


Danas ChristMystical Easter Meditation
Saturday, April 19, 8 am– 2 pm, (6:45– 7:45 am energization and yoga postures)

In the stillness of the Retreat, dive deep into the meaning of Christ’s life. Music from Kriyananda’s Oratorio Christ Lives and chanting will be interspersed through the day. Feel free to stay as long as desired for any portion of the day.

6:45 – 7:45 am –  Energization and Gentle Yoga
8 am - Opening prayer, chanting & recording
8:30 am Meditation  (60 minutes)
9:30 am – Chanting break – enter /exit
10 am Meditation  (90 minutes)
11:30 am – Chanting break – enter/exit
12 pm Meditation   (30 minutes)
12:40 pm - Chant
1:00 pm – Chanting & recordings – enter/exit
1:20 pm   Meditation   (40 minutes)
2:00 pm – Closing Prayer


Kriyaban Retreat
May 30- 31

This guided seclusion is only for Ananda Kriyabans, so it is a rare opportunity to go deep into the practice of Kriya Yoga and meditation. The seclusion will include:

  •  long meditations
  •  a guided practice of Kriya
  •  a class on deepening your practice of Kriya
  •  listening to archival talks of Swami Kriyananda leading Kriya initiations

Participants will be in silence during the retreat. The guided kriyaban seclusions have been very, very helpful for those who want a deeper experience of Kriya and meditation.


ImageDiscovering the Healing Power of Silence-  A Silent Retreat with Tyagis Ric and Narani Morehouse
July 11- 13

This is a perfect program if you are new to silent retreats.

Discovering your innate ability to make God contact in your heart can be an everyday art, your way out of restlessness and uncertainty into peace and wellness. This retreat is for those who are seeking to discover the powerful healing benefits of meditation and inner stillness. Using Yogananda’s and Swami Kriyananda’s writings and techniques, you will find that a deeper place of calmness in your heart is revealed.

During this weekend, you will

  • Learn to Meditate
  • Discuss the ancient yogic art of inner communion and introspection
  • Enjoy a guided nature activity to enhance your awareness
  • Relax and enjoy personal time in the quiet gardens of the Retreat