Healing and Recovery

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Healing takes place naturally in an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Nature is one of the most powerful tools to bring an inner rejuvenation to mind, body and soul.

These programs are led by teachers who are skilled at bringing forth your own inner potential for self-healing and transformation.


Spirit and Nature Dancing Together—How to be Truly Well
July 24- 27

$130 (Program fee includes meals, not accommodations)

Wellness is a state of being that transcends the ups and downs of life, a place of harmonizing with your true nature, a deliberately cultivated state of mind. In essence, it is the practice of living consciously.

Join Dr. Shanti Rubenstone & Nayaswami Vidura for this unique coming together of talks, movement, and experiences in nature to understand the meaning of wellness and how to be truly well … spirit and nature dancing together.

Over these three days we will explore these topics both in the classroom and out in nature:

  • We ARE Energy!
  • Transformation and healing; turning illness and major life from stumbling blocks to stepping stones
  • The chakras and the role they play
  • Using affirmations to expand your consciousness and heal

ShantiDr. Shanti Rubenstone, MD, a graduate of the Stanford Medical School, has been practicing internal medicine and leading workshops in wellness and transformational medicine for over 30 years. She is minister/lightbearer and teacher at the Ananda Church of Self Realization in Palo Alto, CA.

ViduraNayaswami Vidura is one of the founding members of the Ananda worldwide communities. Over the past 40 years he has served as minister, lightbearer, planner, teacher, builder, administrator, quintessential organizer, and sharing nature enthusiast. He is bright, compassionate, and great fun.

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Relax, Dance, Heal
August 8– 10

$120 (Program fee includes meals, not accommodations)

“The wound is where the light enters you” (Rumi)

This weekend we will attend to grief and loss caused by life crises such as illness, injury or losing a loved one. There is no short cut in transforming grief, however, you will find in this healing weekend that it can be an opportunity to experience love on a much deeper level. Through movement, stillness, contemplation and time in nature we will express what has no words, soothe the heart and rest the mind. Come as you are to touch the places that let the light in. You will experience:

  • Exquisite peace in a safe, uplifting environment.
  • Sharing with others wanting to heal the heart
  • Tools to nurture yourself in honoring your grief
  • A non-cognitive way to connect with your feelings via the body

SabineSabine Borchers, has a spark for using creative expression to transform life’s challenges into more aliveness, a deeper connection with self, others and the spiritual presence that moves us all. As a Somatic Psychotherapist (MA, USA), Recreational Therapist (MA, Germany), certified Soul Motion Teacher, body worker, lover of Gestalt Therapy and world traveler she brings a diverse background to her work. She has provided therapeutic work internationally for individuals and groups. Her own recovery from a traumatic brain injury inspired her to work in more depth with grief. A life long affair with dance/ movement guides her when supporting others to express what cannot be said in words. 


11-bright-bright-sunlightExpanding the Light within You- A Guided Retreat with Nayaswami Sabari
September 4- 7

$150 (Program fee includes meals, not accommodations)

The Ananda Meditation Retreat, a place of deep meditation for the past 45 years, provides a perfect atmosphere for finding inner peace and wellness. During this weekend you will explore:

  • The power of nature and guided nature activities to open the heart and still the mind.
  • Simple techniques for healing body and mind
  • Basic meditation skills
  • Ways to deepen your existing meditation practice
  • Time alone to relax
  • Healthy meals and gentle yogaDSC01246

This retreat will be led by Nayaswami Sabari, a longtime devotee and teacher of the path of yoga. A perfect weekend if you are new to personal retreat or wish to have just enough structured time and activity to allow you to relax in yourself and find renewed inspiration.



Holistic Recovery-Freedom from the Bondage of Self
November 13– 16

$150 (Program fee includes meals, not accommodations)

BrindeyHolistic Recovery is for those who have “recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body” and are interested in going deeper in their experience of Life, from the inside-out! Experience the Promises on a deeper level through meditation by learning simple, yet powerful techniques in a rejuvenating garden setting. In nature, the nerves are quieted and healing begins.  This is recovery at its best.

We invite those of you who are serious about improving your conscious contact with God through meditation, to spend this weekend at the Ananda Meditation Retreat. This retreat will be led by experienced practitioners of meditation who are also recovered for many years. They will invite you to share your questions and help you to achieve what they have attained—the simple enjoyment of peace and joy in everyday life.

This weekend you will:

  • Explore the healing silence of meditation and nature
  • Experience the joy of surrender in active calmness
  • Awaken the inner peace within you—it’s an inside job.
  • Discover that the Higher Power is a Conscious Presence within you.

Led by Brahmacharini Brindey