Online Satsang ~ May 12, 7-8 pm PDT ~ love offering donation

Durga and Vidura Smallen, directors of Ananda Meditation Retreat, tell stories from their many years in spiritual community, sharing priceless wisdom and insights gained from working with Ananda’s founder, Swami Kriyananda.

Grab a cup of tea, find a comfortable seat, and enjoy an informal hour of satsang with two longtime Ananda members and ministers. You’ll come away with new insights for your own spiritual journey.

Nayaswamis Durga and Vidura Smallen – are known for their warmth and friendship to all. They are founding members of nearby Ananda Village and served for many years in Ananda Village management, as well as living and serving in many of Ananda’s centers in the US and in other parts of the world. They spent many years in close contact with Swami Kriyananda, traveling the world with him and leading pilgrimages to India for 20 years.  Today they are the directors of the Ananda Meditation Retreat. Durga has a natural ability to bring light and joy to all whom she meets. Even-minded and cheerful, Vidura has a knack for seeing the blessing- and humor- in life’s challenges.

May 12, 7-8 pm PDT- love offering donation