In January, we naturally think about setting our intentions for the new year. So, it is a great time to create a vision for your life and year ahead by making a vision board. A vision board is simply a collective name for a wide variety of inspirational collages created from pictures and words, usually cut from magazines and arranged using your innate sense of creativity.

It’s a pictorial representation of your vision—and a powerful way to make your dreams more tangible and attainable. The physical act of creating a vision board sends messages to your mind about what’s important to you; and, you are affirming to yourself what you want to focus on in your life. Your focus can be in any area you choose, such as success, abundance, career, business, home life, spiritual growth, well-being or relationships.

Chances are, anytime you ask someone about their past vision board experience, they very likely declared that some, or all, of their visions manifested into their life. You can experience this too.

The Energize Your InnerGenius Vision Board Retreat is a full-day program with plenty of time for introductions, creativity and sharing. We’ll begin with a guided visualization and a brief meditation to prepare you for setting intentions for your vision board and for your life.

There are two ways you can participate in this creative program:

  1. Saturday only – guided Vision Board Day Program.
  2. Or join us for the weekend to participate in our Yoga & Meditation for Daily Life Retreat, with JLove leading you through her creative vision board process on Saturday.

You’ll need . . .

  • warm and comfortable clothing. Dress in layers.
  • we’ll provide tables and chairs. However, there may be space to sit on the floor if you’d prefer.
  • in-door slippers or socks (outdoor shoes are left at the entrance).
  • water bottle.
  • colorful, beautiful, inspirational magazines—we will supply magazines and all supplies, but feel free to bring some magazines of your own.
  • a copy of a favorite photo of yourself, for the middle of your vision board (optional but recommended).

You’ll learn . . .

  • how to relax and settle your consciousness into the vision board activity.
  • how to feel into your goals and allow your mind to run free.
  • how to make your vision board vibrant.
  • how to choose pictures, symbols, words and quotes for your board.
  • how to look outside the box and create a board that is personal and inspiring.
  • the “Now what?” What to do after you have completed your vision board retreat and you’re back at home.

You’ll receive . . .

  • a Dream Sheet to complete with your intentions before you arrive.
  • vision board materials.
  • a delicious vegetarian lunch.
  • the vision board you will create.
  • the Energize Your InnerGenius Planner/Journal and newsletter, gifts of appreciation.
The Energize Your INNERGENIUS™ – Vision Board Retreat will inspire you to set your intentions for the year ahead and offer support to help you bring your vision into manifestation.

JLove Jackson is the author of the Energize Your Life eBook Series and has been coaching for more than 15 years. She is the founder of, a directory of heart-centered services and products (includes Ananda Village entrepreneurs and practitioners). JLove’s Energize Your InnerGenius Programs include Spiritual Counseling; InnerGenius Coaching; Vision Board Retreats; and, Success eCoaching (interactive coaching via email, blog and e-course). JLove’s services are dedicated to helping you awaken more vitality, abundance and bliss from within.

JLove resides at Ananda Village, an intentional, spiritual community in Nevada City, California. Her service at Ananda includes:

  • Ananda Meditation teacher.
  • Ananda Yoga teacher.
  • Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality Ananda online teacher.
  • Expanding Light Retreat Center Host.
  • Team member or coordinator for various Ananda events.
Day Schedule

9:00am      Orientation & Guided Visualization

10:00am    The Visioning Process, Part 1

12:30pm     Lunch

1:15pm        Re-Centering

1:25pm       The Visioning Process, Part 2

3:45pm      Closing Circle ~ Time to share your experience with each other

4:55pm      Group photo

5:00pm      Optional Evening Yoga & Meditation

Full Weekend Schedule

Check-in between 3-5pm

5-6:30pm Yoga & Meditation Practice

6:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Opening Circle


7-8:30am  Yoga & Meditation Practice

8:30am      Breakfast

9:00am      Vision Board Orientation & Guided Visualization

10:00am    The Visioning Process, Part 1

12:30pm     Lunch

1:15pm        Re-Centering

1:25pm       The Visioning Process, Part 2

3:45pm      Closing Circle ~ Time to share your experience    with each other

4:55pm      Group photo

5:00-6:30pm  Yoga & Meditation Practice

6:30pm      Dinner

7:30pm      Inspirational Kirtan, Q&A, or other evening program


7-8:30am  Yoga & Meditation Practice

8:30am     Breakfast

9:30-10:30am  Closing Inspiration