All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.
— Blaise Pascal

A personal retreat or seclusion is taking dedicated time to allow yourself to focus on your thoughts, ideas, creativity, feelings—tapping into the part of you, the biggest part of you, that gets lost in everyday busyness and routine.

When you arrive at the Ananda Meditation Retreat, you will notice the beauty of the gardens, the lovely sound of water fountains, the sparkling sun pouring in through tall pines, but it is the silence that brings the first-time visitor to a sudden stop.

Once getting settled in your cabin, you may feel so calm that the first thing you want to do is take a long delicious nap! In a day or so, you acclimate and feel yourself flowing with your non-routine. Reading, hiking, enjoying the view from Bald Mountain, painting, writing, the day is yours alone.

We also have scheduled meditations and other activities if you would prefer more structure. Rediscover the inspiration that flows from that silent place within yourself; that place that can only find itself in Silence.

If taking a retreat is new to you, start with 2 – 3 days and see how you do. Then, the next time you come, maybe you will want to stay longer… retreats can be a magical experience, however, don’t push yourself. Come to it naturally, at your own pace with an eager heart.